GHS CAP Information

What is CAP?

CAP stands for Career Action Planning. The purpose of the CAP process is to assist students and parents in planning for the future.

To optimize readiness for college and career, students should carefully assess their goals and select courses strategically, which enhances their ability to achieve those goals. The CAP process ensures parental involvement in course selection and post-high school planning.

Our aim is to collaborate with parents and students to equip students for their future endeavors. Please feel free to contact GHS with questions or concerns about the CAP process, GHS policies or procedures, or any GHS programs.

What role does my student's Student Success Plan play in the CAP process?

Your student's Student Success Plan (SSP) and the Career Action Planning (CAP) process are designed to complement each other, working together to support your student's academic and career development.

How these two processes work together:

  • Alignment of Goals: The SSP and CAP processes ensure that your student's academic and career goals are aligned. Academic achievements are linked to long-term career aspirations.

  • Integrated Planning: They provide a cohesive framework where academic success supports career readiness, and career exploration informs academic choices.

  • Personalized Support: Together, they offer personalized support tailored to your student's individual strengths, interests, and needs, fostering holistic development.

By integrating the Student Success Plan with the Career Action Planning process, your student receives comprehensive guidance and support to navigate their educational journey effectively and prepare for future career opportunities.